NAGAS Recruiting for Main Team

NAGAS is currently recruiting heavily on its new home server, Kazzak EU. We hope to begin progression of the new guild within the next few weeks. As several members of the core team are experienced, we are hoping that this transition is going to be as seamless as possible. For all of this to happen, we need you!

Join a progressive, social and friendly environment as we progress the remainder of this expansion into Mythic and begin preparations for World of Warcraft: Legion. For more information, see the application page. For now, can you fill any of these roles?

  • Rogue – Subtlety
  • Warrior – Fury
  • Druid – Feral/Balance
  • Warlock – Destruction/Affliction
  • Paladin – Retribution
  • Paladin – Holy
  • Monk – Windwalker
  • Shaman – Enhancement/Elemental
  • Death Knight – Frost

If you feel as though you’re right for the part and fit the roles listed above, feel free to apply. Likewise, anybody is free to sign up as a social, benched or casual member. We look forward to gaming with you!

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