Nagas In Paris – The Old

Nagas In Paris was founded in 2014 consisting of a group of friends with an idea to enjoy casual raiding on a daily basis. The raid team and community quickly grew and progressed into early Warlords of Draenor before it disbanded on Defias Brotherhood EU. Players stayed in contact as they enjoyed different games. Some continued raiding into WoD for some months on other servers. The important thing that remained was the community that had developed over the year. Over the last month, NAGAS has reformed on Kazzak EU with a new goal. With the experience gained separately, progression is now on the minds of the guild. Throughout the remainder of Warlords of Draenor, NAGAS will be progressing into Mythic, recruiting a new core team consisting of transferred players and proven newcomers.

We keep our community alive through TeamSpeak, Facebook and our website. The new website is now well under construction with big plans.

Should you choose to be a part of a constant community of gamers, raiders and WoW enthusiasts, your application is most welcome. Be sure to check out what we’re looking out for here.  You’ll be joining a friendly guild with a thirst for progression and competition. Helping this to become a reality is something we are all looking forward to. We hope you can say the same once you join the community.

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