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    Below is an outline of the expectations that the Naga’s GM’s have for all raiders. For raid days and times please keep an eye on the forums and Facebook group.

    TACTICS– One of the most important things we require of all our raid team is that they know all tactics for the bosses we are attempting that week. There are plenty of tactics recourses online – Fatboss videos / forum posts / Reddit for example.

    {We track all fights with wow logs and regularly check the performance after the raid, we will always bring up any issues that we see with people not following tactics as this will hinder the progress of the whole raid team.}
    Tactics change as we progress in difficulty so please keep yourself up to date!
    CLASS/SPEC KNOWLEDGE – We expect that all raiders keep themselves current with their class and spec knowledge. Things are always changing and to get the best out of your spec you may need to change things about for different bosses.
    Things that may need to be changed: Single Target/ AOE Fights, Trinkets and talents, rotations.

    Again there are many resources online that can provide you with all the knowledge you need to keep your character up to date. Good places to check – icy veins, method forums, WoW forums, Reddit, – any other suggestions please leave in comments below 
    A good thing to do is to talk to other players, if you see someone the same class as you doing really good dps/tactics just /w them and ask :)
    GEAR OPTIMISATION – we require all our raiders to keep an up to date list of their best in slot gear and where it drops from/crafted etc.… this helps you to let us know what your BIS gear is when it drops. You can always pug raids after we have run them as a guild if you want to try and bonus roll for BIS gear.
    Ask Mr Robot is the best tool at this time for checking your BIS gear, as well as gems and enchants. Another guide will be uploaded fully explaining gear + player optimisation.
    ITEMS REQUIRED IN RAIDS – the following is a list of items that all players should aim to bring to every guild raid;
    – Flasks
    – Pre pots
    – 125 stat food
    – Augment runes (the reusable one from vol’jins head-hunters rep is recommended)
    – Gemmed and enchanted gear.
    – Tombs of clear mind for switching talents as required.

    Flasks and Pots are regularly put into the guild bank by myself (Hektorite) and these are for all raiders to use, all we ask is that you contribute either herbs and sorcerous elements or a small amount of gold to the guild bank for raiding repairs.
    Website Forums / Facebook group – whenever we post something in the forums it will always be linked on the Facebook group. So this is the best way to keep up-to-date with what is going on in the guild.
    COMMUNICATION – As a guild we use team speak for all our raids and social activities. We require everyone that raids to come on team speak for the duration of the raid. Using mics is a bonus but as long as you can listen in then that is fine.

    IMPORTANT! – When we are raiding, the only people that should be calling out tactics during the raid are the GMS/RAID LEADER. Too much talking over each other means that people miss things and we end up fucking up. So please only talk during a boss encounter if you have a mechanic on you that we need to know about. These will be determined before the pull. No other chatter or unnecessary calling out should be done for the duration of the encounter.
    LOOT – Make sure you have your bonus tokens before the raid and know your BIS and which bosses you want to roll on. Master loot is used in all guild raids in order to distribute loot in the most beneficial way for the team. The loot council (all GMS) will ask those that need the drop to link their current item, we will then decide based on which will be the best upgrade for the team as a whole.

    Usual prio for loot is decided on; Set gained –> DPS > Healer > tank (for normal and HC) this will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.
    RAID SIGN UPS – Please regularly check the guild calendar for all raid events. Sign up to those you can attend and please let us know ASAP if for some reason you can no longer make it. If you know you can’t come then decline the invite.
    REQUIRED ADDONS FOR ALL RAIDERS – below is a list of add-ons that we expect all of our raid team to be making use of.
    General add-ons;
    – Deadly boss mods,
    – Skada,
    – Iskar assist (specific boss add-on),
    – Weakauras2 – great for tracking cooldowns/buffs/debuffs
    There are usually great guides online for how to set up these add-ons if you aren’t sure.
    We also recommend that you use Elvui interface as it is a great UI, with absolutely loads of customisation. For example; for healers you can have the raid frames change colour when there is something that you need to dispel.
    All of these requirements are basic ones all raiding guilds would ask for, if you have and issues or feel something needs to be added to this list then please leave a comment below or contact one of the GMs :)

    Most of all we want NAGAS to be as successful as we possibly can be, and if we are all keeping up – to – date with our classes and raid tactics we can get the most out of the raiding experience. And on top of it all, HAVE FUN :).

    Freyja – GM. (Hektorite)

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