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Mage – Frost/Arcane [HIGH PRIORITY]
Shaman – Enhancement [HIGH PRIORITY]
Monk – Windwalker [HIGH PRIORITY]
Death Knight – Frost [HIGH PRIORITY]
Paladin – Retribution [HIGH PRIORITY]
Monk – Windwalker
Rogue – Sub/Combatr
Druid – Feral/Balance
NAGAS is currently recruiting in all areas for both Progression and Casual teams. Be sure to mention relevant Raid Leading experience as we may have a higher position available. Include anything that we may find important when deciding your position. We consider your availability, experience and overall commitment.
After your application has been reviewed by our officer core, you will be contacted in-game via your supplied Battle Tag. After a short conversation about our recommended position, you will be invited to the guild. Shortly after this, you will be invited to trial within the raid group you have been selected for.

We make this process as smooth as possible and you should be contacted shortly after your application has been sent and processed. If you have not been contacted after a week of submitting your application, feel free to resubmit it.